What is the Best Study Bible?

So you want a study bible but you doing research and can not see to find the right one you have been looking for. Well I have been in the same boat. For the last five years or so I have been diligently studying the Word but in the process I have gone from book to book in order to find that right one to help me with exactly what I need.

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So you want to know how to study the bible? You may or may not have been to the first page and picked up the Study Bible as seen on the home page but you might want to learn the methods and the tools on how to study the bible for yourself. Well look no further as we are going to go over simple ways and some little tools that will help us on our adventure on how to study the bible!

One of the best bibles I ever came across was a Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible, it had so many chains and references I thought I would have an endless study! This book is particularly great for word studies. If you need to hit spots where specific words or even names came up this full featured Word of God really got it going for me. This bible came with the tools necessary for me to do precise word studies. Word studies are a key component to effective study and one of my favorite methods.

Now recently I was looking for a bible that would not just chain reference me through study but that the actual studies themselves would be linked for me which is ideal when sharing with others. Recently I came across a fantastic one, that provides excellent study aides that are not just limited to the parables of Jesus or prophecies of Jesus but deepens your knowledge with a chain reference study system of bible studies. Now a great tool to use while you are using your new study bible is a bible marking kit or even a marking pencil that will allow you to underline and highlight specific texts and words to get your brain moving in the direction to best learn yet also not ruin your bible’s quality with tools that will bleed through the pages and make a mess of things.

The overall importance of study to me is to how I can be able to follow the three methods of study which are observation, interpretation, and application. Being able to apply these methods with the tools mentioned here is an almost absolute necessity. The reason I say this is because a good observation or survey of the bible is going to cause a good sounds interpretation which in turn will allow for a solid application. Using a method like this will allow for less contradictive ideas and a greater understanding of God’s Word.

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